Connected Health Care:

Changing the mechanics of homecare services, Health Care initiative for Geriatric care services.

Vision – Global wellness Giving back to society

Better pooling of resources and technology for Geriatric care - “Simplified Health Monitoring to improve Geriatric care services and to make Homecare services affordable with improved patient experience”

Mission – be pragmatic and conquer in steps

  • Simple non-intrusive monitoring with wearable’s -non-Intensive care.
  • Continuous analysis with proactive care services, where ever you are (complete mobility).
  • Nursing care with more independence, in home environment with good quality of life.
  • Affordable prices with subscriptions without expensive device and technology burden.
  • Collaborate and augment paramedics / doctors to delivery better home care services.
  • Calibrate and prove to the Healthcare Industry working of simple monitoring devices

Primary Objectives:

  • Affordable Home care services (Geriatric) with improved quality of life.
  • Reduce hospitalization for monitoring purposes and observations.
  • Optimize the addressable customer base and true reach for doctors with the help of technology (personalized and tuned care-alerts using AI in RT to draw attention ONLY when required)
  • Long term, establish city/area-based Hub and Spoke Healthcare network to provide timely medical care.